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Computer Scientists' Websites Look Terrible

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What hath man wrought!?

I’ve always taken pleasure in the fact that the websites of most computer scientists are abysmal. This is because they write them themselves and they don’t give a damn what you think. They have better things to do. Like write Python.

A growing selection in casually-alphatetical order:

Hal Ableson Education, Freedom Defender

David Brooks Taught me the Tomasulo Algorithm

Bill Buxton Did your project in the 80s

Tim Berners-Lee  WWW

Vint Cerf Internet

Corrado Böhm metacircular evaluation never looked so good

Brian Kernighan  C

Donald Knuth Couple of big books

Bram Moolenaar I vim you.

Normal Ramsey Luxuriant Hair

Dennis Ritchie C in memorium

Guido van Russum  Python

Robert Sedgewick Algorithms. A particular classic.

Richard Stallman GNU, Freedom

Bjarne Stroustrup  C++

Ken Thompson UNIX, B, Go

Got others? Drop me a note:


OK, not his. But still amazing.