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Open Source Hardware Summit

Recuperating this week from a grand time in New York City. We converged on its gray shores last week to stop by the Open Source Hardware Summit, where people vaguely gesticulated in the direction of “open source” and show-cased their projects. The good men (and they are that) of Industry City Distillery were there, handing out thimbles of vodka.

World MakerFaire NYC 2012

On Saturday I made the sojourn out to Flushing. I’ll reserve the tale of our trevails on the MTA for another day—suffice it to say, it took two-and-half hours to stumble out to the hinterlands of Queens and I barely arrived in time for a workshop on conductive ink with Analisa Russo, who’d brought a number of her pen-on-paper conductive silver pens (video) to play with.

I was racing about, so didn’t get a chance to snap many photos—but things turned out nicely. Many thanks to AnnMarie Thomas and the Maker Ed team for making it happen!

MakerFaire 2012
Getting underway.
MakerFaire 2012
Amanda & her masterpiece.
MakerFaire 2012
Check out the close-up. Look at those traces!
MakerFaire 2012
MakerFaire 2012
We’re doing science on the 7 train. No one thought this was weird.