Sam Jacoby

Hello, I am a printer, programmer, and tinkerer. Here's a bit more about me.

Shopcraft as Soulcraft

A few thoughts on a paean to manual labor, craft, and hard-won expertise.

Rolling with Backbone + Marionette

Learning something new about structuring web applications.

Message Mondays

My first FOIA request, d3.js, and Iowa DOT’s sassy highway signs.


Useful things in Computer.

Hiking the Gros Morne Long Range Traverse

In which modest men conquer modest mountains

Computer Scientists' Websites Look Terrible

And they don’t give a damn.

Drawing the Electric Synth

A workshop at SparkFun Electronics.

The Speaker Paperish

In which audiophiles blanche.

Tracking Changes

Because nothing happens all at once.

On Youth and Aquariums

A first foray onto the internet.

Amazon EC2 Microinstances

Succumbing to the siren song of the cloud.

A Visit to the MIT Glass Lab

High-Low Tech goes on a field trip. Hi-jinks ensue.

Words I've Looked Up

So that I could know them and remember them in my heart.

Hidden Layers

In which I am screwed by layers in Eagle.

Reports from the City

Tales from MakerFaire NYC & OSHW.

99 Fridays & IR Throwies

The little guys hit the big time.

TapClip v.2

Onwards and upwards. Building a gang of touch-sensitive boards.

Building Boards

Whipping together some quick prototype circuit boards.


Designing a touch-sensitive sensor + sound-sample recording software.

Gerber File Extensions

Making sense—mostly—of the alphabet soup of circuit board layout files.

Using Arscons

Free’d from the kind tyranny of the Arduino IDE.

Touch Tiny v.1

Playing with capacitive sensing in a tiny way.

Hello, World.

In which I greet you, gentle reader.


In which I discover what everyone else already knew


Drawing some squares in JavaScript &

The Nica Times

Journalistic sojourns in Central America

Drawing the Electric

Conductive ink as an expressive medium for narrative storytelling and interaction design.

Sliders & Wheels

Sketching more complex interface elements using soft graphite.

Experiments in Etching

In which lasers are used wrong.


A capacitive-sensing board for creating ad-hoc computer interfaces from conductive inks.

Infra-Red LED Throwies

Use an ordinary remote control to blink LED throwies on and off.

Paper Sensors

Experiments in conductive ink: strain gauges & accelerometers.

English Monotype Game

How well do you know your classic humanist typefaces?

A Desk That I Made

A home-brewed desk for desk-related purposes.

Darwin's Orchid

The great scientist’s bad day.

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

A modern treatment of Delmore Schwartz’s classic 1935 short story.

A Reading for Group 47

A short collection of Paul Celan’s poetry in German & English.

Easter Week

A new translation of Chekhov shorts with accompanying engravings.


A small collection of difficult words.

The Awful German Language

An essay on the trials and trevails of learning the language.

Wallau Broadside

A type specimen printed from Klingspor originals.

Useful Words & Grammar

A learner’s guide to the German Language