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Fall ride outside of Boston.

Obeying a widely-known primordial need within the soul, I acquired a 1972 Honda motorcycle in the summer of 2013. It was (then) a 41 year-old machine and requires continuous attention. That is part of the fun. This is mostly a place for me to keep track of notes.

I’ve found great satisfaction in working on it: tracing down corroded electrical connections, adjusting the timing & valves, rebuilding the cylinders—a nice change of pace from the technological-computer arts where I usually find myself.


Maintenance Table

I’ve been working my way down this, little by little. It’s pretty handy.


From when charts were king.


  • Front Tire: Bridgestone Spitfire S11, 100/90 (Fall 2013)
  • Rear Tire: Bridgestone Spitfire S11, 110/90 (Fall 2013)
  • Carbs: 627B Keihin (#100 mains, #40 pilots — OEM replacements).
  • Aftermarket 4-into-1, ceramic-coated black (Evid Mad Headers, NYS)
  • Points: New TEC OEM points (replacing Diachi)
  • APE HD Cylinder Studs
  • OEM Honda Head Gasket
  • Vesrah Gasket Kit
  • Stainless hex hardware throughout

Compression Check

cyl 1: 120 cyl 2: 120 cyl 3: 130 cyl 4: 130

Work Log

I decided I should be keeping a dated worklog — it’s just a useful thing to do. I’ve been doing it by hand, but what else is the internet for?

Date Item Work
July 2013 Oil Changed
July 2013 Oil filter Replaced
July 2013 Clutch Clutch cover opened, cleaned, clutch adjusted
August 2013 Petcock Fuel filter screen checked
August 2013 Fuel lines Gas line replaced (with 5.5mm original)
Septemer 2013 Tires Replaced tires (Bridgestone S11), professionally-mounted & balanced
November 2013 Spark plugs Replaced original plugs with new NGK 12mm D7EA; new boots as well
November 2013 Contact points Checked & adjusted
February 2014 Cam chain Adjusted
February 2014 Valves Checked & adjusted
March 2014 Petcock Rebuilt and cleaned (again). Shouldn’t be leaking anymore.
March 2014 Airbox Cover added from parts bike
March 2014 Hardbags Added a pair of white Shoei’s
April 2014 Oil Changed, Castrol 10W-40
April 2014 Seals Replaced right-crank gasket
April 2014 Clutch Checked clutch plates for warping, wear
April 2014 Clutch Replaced clutch cable & lifter rod.
April 2014 Ignition Rebuilt key assembly
June 2014 Fork Replaced fork seals & changed fork oil
August 2014 Oil Changed
August 2014 Oil Filter Replaced
August 2014 Oil Pump Replace oil pump seals
September 2014 Oil Switch Replaced leaking oil pressure switch
September 2014 Front Caliper Replace piston seal
January 2015 Motor Removed. Whew!
February 2015 Motor Disassembled Head
April 2015 Motor Removed cylinder studs (ouch)
April 2015 Tank Sealed w/ Eastman 2K Clearcoat
May 2015 Motor Valves reground, new seats cut (MAS Machine, Iowa City
May 2015 Motor Painted & reassembled top-end w/ new Versah gaskets
February 2016 Chassis Tapered steering bearings (previous owner installed)
February 2016 Baggage Machined new
March 2016 Fuel System Broke down carburetors & cleaned; replaced all rubbers; cleaned OEM brass
April 2016 Shocks Replaced stock shocks w/ new HAGONs (200lb load)
April 2016 Fairing Installed Vetter Windjammer
April 2016 Electric Replaced dash lights with LEDs
May 2016 Fuel System Pipes ceramic coated (Evil Mad Headers, New York)
June 2016 Fuel System Rejetting 627B carbs w/ Keihin #40 pilots


  1. Never read it. Hear it’s not really about motorcycles. Update 05/27/2015. Read it. Is kind’ve about motorcycles.