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I work with computers a fair amount, so now and again want to keep track of things I’ve learned.

Sharing your localhost dev server with the world

Say you’ve got a server running locally—and want to quickly it share it with the world? You need a remote server that you have ssh access to.

ssh -R <remote port>:localhost:<local port> sjacoby@ <remote server>

You will need to enable GatewayPorts on the remote sshd_config (not your local machine):

GatewayPorts yes

Reload the remote sshd for the new config (on my Arch box, it’s the below).:

sudo systemctl restart sshd

Your locahost page should now be available at <my remote server>:<my remote port>. Party on.

Pretty printing json responses,

You’ve got this little slice of sweetness.

python -m json.tool

And if you want to do it in Vim, go with:

:%!python -m json.tool

Credit to Pascal Prect.

Deleting Annoying Files

find . -name ‘.DS_Store’ -delete find . -type l