Sam Jacoby

Touch Tiny v.1

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  • Atmega32u4
  • AT42QT1070
  • AT42QT11110

I’m going to be doing a quick layout to test out the various QTouch chips—which Leah has warned me, work little-better than the code we’ve got running on plain old ATtinys (which is what the QTouch chips are, basically).

I’ll also have some pads straight to the 32u4 to test out the CapSense library—and our custom code, as well.

I’m also going to do a smaller version with an ATtiny44—actually, I think I’ll do that one first, just so I can quickly mill out a board and see how the alligator clips behave with the conductive ink and all the rest.


  • ATtiny44
  • AVR ISP Header
  • FTDI 6-pin header
  • Six toothless alligator clips


I decided to scrap all that, and make a version that uses an Atmega 168—like an Arduino—as that’s the version that I’m most familiar with. Here’s the board layout I scrapped together. Works ok, though I ultimately ended up milling one with a resonator. TapClip v.1 DSC_0328